Publication Day for Brixham Writer

Linda Mitchelmore talks about publication day

Like the baby-scan pictures pregnant mums are given, I knew how my baby looked ‘before birth’ when I was sent jpegs of the cover of EMMA: There’s No Turning Back. And I knew how the ‘body’ of her was made up because I’d written it. But nothing can prepare you for how it feels to hold ‘the real thing’ in your hands.

A whole boxful of ‘the real thing’ arrived a few weeks ago. I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time running a hand over the beautiful, embossed, cover.  Reading my own dedications, I cried. I’ve been keeping them under wraps. I’ve had to ram my hands under my armpits at times to stop myself shoving a copy – proudly – under people’s noses.

But now publication day has arrived. W H Smith Travel and Waterstones have got EMMA on their shelves, as have – I hope – many independent bookshops. So, my wish now is that people will love EMMA as much as I (and my publisher, Choc Lit) do. After all – as the saying has it – no girl wants to be left on the shelf, does she?

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