Brixham Writers who Blog

There are ladies that lunch and there are writers who blog.

Of course the members of Brixham Writers do love to lunch or enjoy a chocolate biscuit with a cup of tea at our weekly meetings, and there are some of our members who love to blog.

Kate Furnivall fills her author blog with many lovely snippets about her writing, her book launches and sneaky peeks of researching her current work in progress.
Dip into Kate’s blog Kate Furnivall Blog
Other ways to follow Kate  Facebook  and Twitter @katefurnivall
And of course visit her author page Kate Furnivall

Linda Mitchelmore contributes to her blog Linda’s Short Stories and on Novel Points of View where five writers share the passion for their craft.
Start exploring Linda’s blog posts Linda Short Stories and Novel Points of View
Other ways to follow Linda Facebook and Twitter @Lindamichelmor
Not forgetting Linda’s author page Linda Mitchelmore

Michelle Heatley blogs about writing, life and Fish Soup.
Have a little taste of Michelle’s Blog Michelle J Heatley Author
Keep in touch Facebook and Twitter @fishsoupwriting

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