Never Throw Anything Away

Brixham author Tricia Maw tell us about her latest news. Now over to you Tricia….

Some time in July my Editor, Cat Camacho, at Accent Press sent a round robin email asking for Halloween stories for a forthcoming Anthology. Back in the mists of time (2001 to be exact) I had written (on my old manual typewriter) a Halloween story called UNCLE HENRY which I sent to TAB’s Fiction Feast and which was rejected a month later. Since then it has lain in what Lynne Hackles refers to as my ‘floor files’. In other words, piles of old MS littering my office floor.

I almost didn’t send it but then thought I ought to show willing and it was only an email, anyway. So I was surprised when Cat told me she really enjoyed it and had passed it further up the chain. And on Friday came the good news that it is going to be included in the Anthology.

The moral of this story is: Never throw anything away!

Congratulations Tricia and Accent Press it is always great to hear about good writing news.

No More Secrets cover


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