Into the Distance a compelling historical romance.


The year is 1900. A new century is dawning.Into The Distance

Twenty one year old orphaned Leonie Grant sets sail for Australia on the SS Britannic with dreams of a new start and new career at heart.

She and her recently bereaved aunt and guardian, Ruth Fox, are joining Ruth’s brother on his farm in the outback to escape their poverty in England.

But can she truly escape her past?

Ruth is keeping something from Leonie, and she begins to suspect that her aunt is hiding a dark secret.

On board the Britannic, Leonie befriends the handsome, mischievous journalist, Adam Mallory, and finds herself growing closer to him after he saves her from a thief in the markets of Port Said in Egypt.

But Ruth disapproves of his choice of career, and Leonie is also drawn to Captain Clyde Ferguson – a soldier she met years before in her old home in Devon, in a chance encounter. Ruth seems to approve of their friendship, until suddenly and inexplicably she turns against him.

What does Captain Ferguson have to do with Leonie’s past?

And should Leonie obey her aunt’s wishes, or allow herself to become involved with one of the unsuitable young men?

And, most important of all, which man should she fall for?

‘Into the Distance’ is a compelling historical romance filled with adventure and dark family secrets.

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