Starting as we mean to go on.

Spring got off to a good start this month for Brixham Writer’s Group. Thanks to Patricia Maw’s relentless enthusiasm for the cause we were chosen as one of this month’s featured groups in Writing Magazine!

“From the beginning it was decided to dispense with a formal committee”, Trish says. “Members take it in turns to set a subject for homework and then take the chair at our weekly meetings at the library. We might get a story out of the subject or we might ignore it altogether and bring in a piece of work in progress to read. We do try for constructive criticism and with a mixed bunch of writers it sometimes sparks a lively debate.”

We had a group photo published and everything and I think more than anything else we all appreciate the opportunity to shout about what a truly great group we are, what good friends, and how important it is for writers to have the support of other like minded individuals.

As Trish herself says; “The support of the group through the good times and encouragement in the droughts, is something that we all appreciate. I certainly do. Without the help of the group I probably would not have been published.”


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