A Thursday Update!

Another Thursday, another Writer’s Group meeting in a surprisingly sunny Brixham, and we’re all keeping ourselves busy!

Michelle has taken on a lot of promotional work for her publishing house Sunpenny and is off to the London Bookfair next week. When she returns from that she has been asked to get involved again in the organisation of FishLit – the book based imprint of Brixham’s FishStock festival – and between all of these things she’s getting writing of her own done too!

Kate is back with us after what felt like a long absence as she raced to finish her latest book. She is considerably happier now that it’s done and she’s free to join us once more. We were privileged to hear some of her work today and were spellbound as usual.

Catherine, one of our (as yet) unpublished members, is plugging away at changing that by entering yet another competition. Her travel book is also painfully close to completion so who knows what this year may hold!

We are hoping to release a group anthology this year inspired by our seaside town and the contributions are starting to pile up which is very exciting! This would be a brilliant way of showcasing each and every one of our writers and it will be such good fun to work on a project together.

As Winter turns to Spring, 2016 is looking to be a good year for Brixham Writers. Keep an eye on our blog and twitter page for more updates 🙂

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