Moving houses!

It’s been an interesting few months for Kate Furnivall as she valiantly challenged the definition of “deadline” and produced what is sure to be another masterpiece. What she kept closer to her chest was what was going on behind the scenes.

A few words from the woman herself to fill you in on what’s been going on;

“Changing publisher is a bit like jumping off a cliff. You feel the solid familiar ground under your feet fall away and you spread your wings and hope you’ll fly. After a glorious eight years with Little Brown, I decided that I needed a change of direction. Leaving was a wrench because I had formed good friendships there, but I knew it was time to rethink my future and so I moved to Simon & Schuster, a publisher I had always admired. I am thrilled to be working now with the brilliant Joanne Dickinson, publishing director at Simon & Schuster, and her wonderful team who are always so enthusiastic and supportive. I am looking forward to a new chapter in my publishing career, which will start with the publication of my new book THE LIBERATION in November 2016.”

Now that the move has been announced, at the London Book Fair no less, we look forward to the next chapter of Kate’s career (pun intended). We’ll keep you all informed.

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