Here comes the sun

And with it comes the end of this season of writers group meetings. We don’t meet weekly in the summer – partly because the parking in town becomes even more impossible – but just go once a month to each others houses to catch up.

So this Thursday was our last meeting and it seems we all have a lot to be getting on with this summer. Ian has an almost finished novel to work on and a bunch of articles to keep up with, Anne has lots of beginnings of stories to find middles and endings for, Kate has proofs to work through before getting stuck in to her new novel and Catherine has three books on the go at once – all at different levels of development. Michelle’s sequel to her first book Fish Soup is coming together nicely, Linda is still churning out beautiful short stories and Sandra is trying her hand at another pocket novel.

On top of that, we still have an anthology to get out!

So far from being a restful month, we all have a lot to be getting on with before we see each other again!

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