‘Good things come in small packages..

.. as the saying has it – diamonds for one and the historian, Neil Oliver for a second (well in my biased opinion). When I wrote my (very small) novella, Grand Designs, for Choc Lit it was on the understanding it would be published in ebook form only (although it also came out later in audio). To my surprise and delight Grand Designs was rarely out of the top 50 in the Amazon ratings and I was pretty content with that. But then …. Choc Lit decided to publish Grand Designs in paperback. It came out in late 2016 and is doing very well in its new format. It is a very short read at 119 pages, but a perfect size to slip into a handbag for a train or plane journey, or just to curl up with by the fire on a winter night with a cup of cocoa to hand, and let yourself be transported to the South of France and warmer days.’

Brixham Writer Linda Mitchelmore on her latest success.



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