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Emma: There’s No Turning Back a review from Beauty and Lace

Emma There’s No Turning Back is the sequel to Linda Mitchelmore’s To Turn Full Circle released in 2012, which I haven’t read, but I do think that Emma stands beautifully on its own and loses nothing by having not read the first book.

Set in England in 1911 Emma takes place as the suffragette movement is beginning and before the launch of the Titanic. Emma Le Goff is a young lady who has had quite a tumultuous couple of years that have left her orphaned and with a tainted reputation in her home town. She is engaged to Seth Jago but the vicar refuses to marry them because Seth’s family has been found to be quite unsavory and his reputation is tattered also.

Seth remained outside of the scandalous behaviour of his family so he has been left quite well off and is madly in love with Emma. The two are determined to be together and build a beautiful life for themselves in the house that Seth has bought for them – a house that holds no painful memories for either of them.

Unfortunately it seems that these two young lovers aren’t going to get the fairy tale ending they so hope for. Living together before they marry won’t do them any favours in the town but how can they be together if the vicar refuses to marry them.


Emma is determined to see that things work out for her the way she dreams and she’s never short of a plan to get it, but sometimes those plans have consequences that were not planned for. She has an impulsive nature and often jumps into action before properly examining the outcomes. She was really quite a well drawn character and one I quite admired. The hand Emma has been dealt is not ideal, not only has she lost her whole family but she has also lost all of her possessions and is determined that the day will come that she doesn’t need to rely on anyone, she will earn financial independence. Seth has ensured the house he bought had a space they could turn into a bakery for Emma to start her own business and she is determined to make it a success.

Emma gets to work immediately baking and chasing down new customers but no business gets off the ground smoothly and as the setbacks mount up it seems that this business is not to be but Emma’s determined not to give up, she faces every challenge head on and refuses to accept defeat. These qualities are admirable in anyone but in a very young woman in 1911 who has had the deck stacked against her many a time and can now relax into life with a young man who loves her is even more so. She is stubborn and determined to follow the path that she has dreamed of for herself but she is also quite adaptable.

Seth and Emma both promise very early on that there will be no lies between them but neither partner can manage to keep their word and so we watch and wait to see whether the special bond between them can withstand  the broken promises when the truth comes to light.

The past is not ready to let them move on just yet so they are trying to come to terms with the events of their respective pasts, and move on from them without causing anyone pain which leads to more secrets, and move into their happily ever after but the past is not ready to be forgotten.

I found Emma to be an enjoyable read that drew me in to the lives of the characters and had me sitting back cheering them on. Both Emma and Seth have been through a lot in their short lives and it seems that their happily ever after may be more hard fought than even they could have imagined. I think there is a third book coming that will tell us what comes next for them and I would definitely be interested to read it.

Thank you to reviewer Michelle at Beauty and Lace

If you want to read Emma and Linda’s other novels visit her author page Click Here

Author Linda Mitchelmore at the RNA Winter Party

Author Linda Mitchelmore (Centre)

Author Linda Mitchelmore

Brixham Writer Linda Mitchelmore had a super time at the Romantic Novelists Association Winter Party. Here is her report….

The party was, as ever, very noisy and buzzy with everyone dressed in their best with snazzy shoes to the fore. It was held at the Royal Overseas League which is quite grand with marble staircases and chandeliers and the like. The nibbles were to die for……mini versions of cones of fish and chips got top marks from everyone! It becomes impossible to see everyone you might want to have a chat with as the second she is in your sights, someone whisks her away, or stops you en route to her. But no matter… one seems to mind and everyone understands how it is.
As the night is yet young when the party ends at 9 p.m. many go off to dinner with their publishers/agents/editors. For those who don’t get invites, London has lots of other alternatives…. Margaret James, Sophie Duffy, Cathie Hartigan, my daughter, Sarah, and I took a taxi back to Marble Arch and the Italian restaurant, Spaghetti House, where we were warmly welcomed and plied with fine Italian hams, bread, olives, wine, and gelato – perfect end to a perfect evening really. Long live the RNA, I say! May and the Summer Party will soon be with us. Will we have more publications to chat about then? Hope so!




I am really pleased to have Carole Llewellyn as our guest author.

Her historical novel Megan is now available as an e-book published by Thornberry Publishing. Carole, originally from Wales now lives in the picturesque Devon fishing town of Brixham. She is an active member of Brixham Writers and a member of the Romantic Novelist Association.

So now over to Carole……

Megan starts her story in Wales is her character based on your own family’s experiences?

Yes, Megan’s story was based on my own mother’s experience. Who, at the age of fifteen left Wales to take up a position as a scullery maid in a large house in the Clifton Area of Bristol working for two spinster sisters. Unlike Megan, who had to deal with a maelstrom of feuds and jealousies, my mother had a wonderful experience. Both ladies adored her.

When Megan moves to Bristol how does she manage living in a large city?

With only one afternoon a week off, she didn’t venture into the city until well into novel, only venturing as far as Clifton Downs to read her letters from home.

Can you tell me what you enjoyed about writing Megan?

Having done my research for the period, I really enjoyed weaving my notes in as the story developed.

Which other characters did you enjoy writing in the novel?

 Megan’s, Cousin Lizzie. She was such a nasty piece of work. It’s always so much easier to write a bad person than a good one.

As an author with books in print how different is it being published as an e-author?

I find it all very exciting. Megan was originally published in hard-back and large-print in 2008 – As the book is now out of print. I feel the e-book has given her a new lease of life. So many more people can, hopefully, enjoy her story.

Megan by Carole Lleweyllyn is available from – Kindle Edition

Megan is published by Thornberry Publishing


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