Anne Goring

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My first published story appeared in a children’s magazine when I was fourteen. It earned me 10/6d. Riches!

It was twenty years on when my love of writing turned into something more than a hobby.

Short stories, serials, a spell in journalism, a dozen novels later and I am once again writing short stories, mostly for women’s magazines.

During these years my friends in Brixham Writers have given encouragement, support and a good helping of constructive criticism.   As did my friend and Agent, Dorothy Lumley, who sadly died far too young.

The years have seen enormous changes, both in publishing and the actual physical act of putting together plot and character into a cohesive whole that will entertain the reader.   I am delighted that I no longer have to bash away at the typewriter and wrestle with carbon copies and Tippex.  My young self would have goggled at the idea of pressing a button and instantly despatching work to an editor instead of trudging to the post office through gales and rain

Now the world of e-books is catching up with me.   My Headline titles are now available to download.

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The Mulberry Field A Turning Shadow A Song Once Heard Moondance

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A Song Once Heard A Turning Shadow The Mulberry Field Moondance