Linda Mitchelmore

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Linda has lived in Devon all her life where the wonderful scenery and history give her endless ideas for short stories. She has worked in a bank and for a pharmaceutical company but gave up the latter to concentrate on her writing. She’s been published in just about all the women’s interest weekly magazines with the exception of The Lady – but is not in the least surprised they didn’t take her work! 

Linda also enters competitions – Writing Magazine, Writespace, Bridport, amongst others and has had varying degrees of success. Short Story Radio is Linda’s first venture into the broadcast story. 

Married to Roger and with two grown-up children, Linda is now the proud grandmother of Alexander and Emily and she is quite happy to leave her writing to the evening so she can spend time with them.

But it’s not all Alex-sitting and key-tapping, because she also loves gardening, walking, cycling and riding pillion on her husband’s vintage motorbikes.

Contact Linda on Facebook and on Twitter @lindamitchelmor

Watch the book trailer for To Turn Full Circle

Hope for Hannah

Hope for Hannah

To Turn Full Circle

To Turn Full Circle

Emma - No Turning Back

Emma – No Turning Back

Grand Designs

Grand Designs

Red is for Rubies

Red is for Rubies


2 Responses to Linda Mitchelmore

  1. What a marvelous writing career & interesting blog! Thanks!

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